Brent Referral Optimisation Service (BROS)

When your GP refers you to an NHS community healthcare service or hospital for specialist investigations or treatment the referral form is required by Brent NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to be processed by Brent Referral Optimisation Service BROS) provided by Bromley Heath Ltd (with some exceptions such as maternity for giving birth).

At the GP consultation when the referral is made you will be given a copy of the attached Patient Information Letter explaining the procedure together with the BROS Freephone number 0800 027 9289 and their email address for you to follow up any query.

BROS panel of doctors check your GP’s referral form has all the necessary information, and that the referral is appropriate.  They may forward the referral to the community service or hospital, or return the referral form to your GP suggesting revision.  Your GP has the final decision about the referral within NHS procedures. BROS are required to process the referral within 48 hours.

 You have a legal Patient Choice right to choose which Consultant led service you wish to be referred to.  If you are not seen within the maximum waiting time you have a legal right to be referred to an alternative service to start treatment earlier than waiting for the original service. To help you prepare for this conversation you can find more information about the choices you can make on the website. For routine referrals the maximum waiting time is 18 weeks – but there any many different limits for urgent referrals such as cancer.

If you have any query about your referral such as delay in obtaining an appointment or test results your should contact either your GP,  BROS or the community service or hospital you have been referred to.  It is helpful if you can refer to your date of birth, NHS number and /or your hospital records number plus the date of your referral and the name of your referring GP.